Thursday, May 25, 2017


Dear Parent Community of UAS,


It appears likely that Ramadan will start in the next few days, and thus we will begin our modified hours schedule starting Sunday, May 28th.  We will announce this officially on our school website, via email, on the UAS Facebook page and via SMS when we officially are notified by KHDA.  


I wanted to update you on our plans to address the needs of our community during this month. 


As directed by the KHDA, the school hours will be reduced by two hours and are as follows:


· Pre KG and KG1 – 8:30 AM to 11:20 AM (buses depart at 11:30 AM)


· KG2 – Grade 11- 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM (buses depart at 1:40 PM)


Please note - morning bus pickup times have changed.  Please contact the UAS transportation department if you have not received notification.  We will be monitoring the bus pickup and departure times and may adjust them based upon traffic patterns.


A Few Reminders….

Please remember that eating and drinking in public, and in your cars is forbidden during Ramadan fasting hours (sunrise to sunset). UAS will be following these guidelines as well.  Due to the fact that the outside temperatures are predicted to be extremely high in June, we are concerned about the health of our children.  Thus, indoor recess protocols will be followed carefully.


Elementary school students who are not fasting will be allowed to carry their bottles of water outside on days when there is outside recess.  The water bottles will be kept in a particular and contained area and drinking will be allowed.  Due to the heat and the concerns with dehydration, beginning on Monday, the football pitch will be closed to elementary school students.


Also for elementary students, classrooms will be designated by their teachers for the morning snack.  Rooms will be provided for students who are fasting which they may choose to go to. 


Cafeteria Services

For those students who are not fasting, the school cafeteria will be open for business and will be serving food for snacks and lunch.  Students who are fasting will be allowed to have rest areas inside the school building during lunch time. 



As with all things at school, communications is key.  If you have particular concerns or expectations for your children during Ramadan please communicate with your children's homeroom teachers or with the school office. Additionally, I encourage you to have conversations with your children about your expectations as well.  Together (parents, students and teachers) we can make the month of Ramadan enjoyable and educationally productive.



Andrew Torris


Universal American School

P.O. Box 79133, Al Badia, Dubai Festival City

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +9714 232 5222