UAS is dedicated to high standards of academic achievement and active inquiry which is supported through the effective use of technology in order to enhance and improve their 21st century learning skills. 

Students at the Universal American School in Dubai have access to Windows-based computers through laboratory settings and shared class sets of laptops. Additionally, iPads are used across the grade levels to support student learning. Students are encouraged to use technology in meaningful ways to expand their learning in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities. Examples include the Scorpion Weekly News segments where elementary students create and a video production of announcements and robotics, programming and website development courses in the secondary classes.

UAS supports technology use with specialized educational staff in each division who work with both students and teachers across the curriculum. One of the cornerstones of the technology program includes direct teaching to the concept of Digital Citizenship where student management of their own digital footprint and digital safety is highlighted across the curriculum.

In terms of infrastructure, each and every classroom has a permanently-mounted DLP projector, a Smartboard for an interactive session, a sound system loud enough to be easily heard by all, at least one fast and capable desktop PC running Windows 7 for the teacher and at least one more computer for the teacher’s assistant in Elementary. There are 5 computer labs with approximately 25 PCs each. We also have 2 laptop carts and an IPad cart with 25 devices each for teachers to utilize in their classrooms.  

We have a PA system used for communication throughout the school buildings. Supporting the nearly 1500 network devices is an incredibly robust campus network backbone built with Cisco and IBM switches. The fully-redundant fiber-optic backbone runs at gigabit speeds, connecting all buildings on campus and feeding every room and office through CAT6 twisted-pair cables and six strands of multi-mode fiber optics. Every node on our network has full access to the Internet and its many valuable resources, all of which gets passed through our Fortigate UTM protecting users from Viruses, Trojans, and Spyware. Students, faculty and staff also have access to a campus-wide wireless network supported by Aerohive Wireless Access Points. We are thrilled to see the new and innovative ways teachers and students alike take advantage of this wonderful resource.

Teachers strive to find new ways to use these enablers to capture the widest range of student attention possible. Attending to the multitude of learning styles represented by today's high school student, teachers present materials and assess progress in new and innovative ways, striving to consistently engage each and every student. Our teachers' proficiency with cutting-edge technologies also helps them to be more efficient in their daily duties, which in the end means they get to spend more time face-to-face with their students - an invaluable aspect of UASs college preparatory experience.

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