The mission of the library is to serve the research and reading needs of UAS students and faculty.  Both faculty and students take advantage of the expansive collection of print, electronic and audio-visual media available for curricular and personal interests

The Library - A Hub of Inquiry

As an IB World School, inquiry-based learning is the core of the UAS curriculum. The resources and expertise at our school Libraries make them the hub of inquiry at UAS.

The Library is a changing and dynamic place. A teacher librarian is an integral part of the daily busy life of every UAS student, from the smallest to the oldest student. Everything we do is aimed at meeting the educational needs of students and staff and enriching our PYP (Primary Years Program) and curriculum. We also aim to stimulate interest in literature, to meet the recreational reading and research needs of our learning community, and to encourage independence in literacy.

As a teacher-librarian specialist, I work collaboratively with teachers to develop students’ inquiry, information literacy and literature skills. In order for students to optimize reading improvement it is essential that they are assisted in finding books that support their independent reading level. Together with the library technician and assistants of our library teacher, we are able to meet the needs of each individual student and make the Library an integral part of the busy, daily life of the UAS community.

The Library offers books, magazines and electronic resources to help students with investigations in subject areas. All areas in the Library are designed to actively stimulate students' curiosity and love of learning. The multilingual literature in our collections is a reflection of the cultural diversity of the UAS school community.

Online Databases

In an effort to help students' better process and more efficiently utilize the information they find, UAS subscribes to several different online databases and help sites. From the Library database, students can access materials housed in our Library.

Weekly Book Exchange

Students from Preschool to Grade 6 have weekly book exchange periods during which they may borrow books. Of course, students are always welcome to drop in and browse during our Library hours.

Library Opening Hours

Library hours are 7:45am to 4.00pm each day.

Secondary Library

Welcome to the UAS Secondary Library, the information center for the middle and high schools. The library’s primary responsibilities are to provide students and teachers with information-rich resources, a literature collection and assist them in finding materials. Additionally, our library supports the secondary curriculum and collaborates with teachers to interject information literacy and research skills in class units. Middle and high school students first have to recognize the need for information, and then find, use, apply, and evaluate it using online, print, and digital contexts to problem solve effectively and better understand their worlds.

Our collection possesses world literature and popular fiction in a variety of genres and formats. We foster lifelong reading habits and boost literacy skills through reading initiatives throughout the school year. We also proudly participate and host events during the Emirates Festival of Literature each March.

The secondary school community can freely access a combination of approximately 18,000 fiction, nonfiction, and reference titles in a variety of formats. Our periodical section showcases local magazines and daily newspapers. International Baccalaureate Diploma students and middle school students utilize EBSCOhost, an academic database and Destiny, our integrated library system, for research and enrichment purposes.

The library is open to all students during their lunch breaks and is a space where private student and research can take place with the support of the library staff.

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