After School Activites

Elementary ASA

The Elementary After School Activities (ASA) program is an opportunity for students to explore their interests outside the classroom. Ranging from creative writing to sports, academic enrichment to imaginary play, the ASA program strives to offer a wide variety of choices.

The ASA program is important in the Primary Years Programme because it encourages risk taking and balance in life. Children enjoy and benefit from having the opportunity to socialize with others with similar interests as themselves in a non-academic environment. While most activities are free, some are offered by outside companies which may incur a fee. UAS offers three separate sessions of After School Activities, each lasting six to seven weeks. Late buses are provided for students who regularly take the bus.

Secondary ASA

The UAS After School Activities program (ASA) is designed to offer both students and faculty a wide variety of activities for social, creative, academic, athletic, and cultural experiences.   The ASA program expands the personal experiences of each student involved, which complements the UAS mission and philosophy. Each activity is organized and executed in a way that enriches the whole school community.

The ASA program encourages participation and cooperation. Each student has the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a welcoming environment, explore a variety of extra-curricular interests, and to make friends outside of the classroom. In turn, the students involved become well rounded individuals.

Department Contacts

Alison Backous
Elementary ASA Coordinator

Kristen Miller
Secondary ASA Coordinator



Semester 1 Session

October 3, 2016 - December 8, 2016

  • Universal American School
  • P.O. Box 79133, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 4 232 5222
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