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Ambition Beyond the Classroom

Internships are hard work and doing only what’s expected of you isn’t enough to be noticed. You need to go above and beyond, from arriving on time, to doing exemplary work, and making the most of your time in the organization.
We are delighted to announce the internship completion of our UAS student Yasseen, with the Al Futtaim Group.

During the week I interned at the Al-Futtaim Tower, I learned so much about the field of study in which I am inspired to major; Film, Television, and Media Production. I was taught about internal and external communications and the fundamentals of Filmmaking, Social Media Marketing, Media Design, and how they cooperate when dealing with a major business company like Al-Futtaim.

Thank you, Ms. Ross, Ms. Haya, and Mr. Joseph for being able to give me this opportunity, and special thanks to the Al-Futtaim Team team for helping me enhance and develop my skills.

– Yasseen