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Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai

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Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls is back

UAS is committed to a vibrant experiential learning program for ALL students because we know these activities provide rich, character-building experiences that awaken a student’s desire for learning and spark curiosity and engagement.

The purpose of experiential learning programs at UAS is to provide life-changing learning experiences. Students apply life skills, independence and responsibility to extend their curricular knowledge beyond the classroom.

Throughout the WWW program, students will build the skills necessary for personal growth and maturity. By living, communicating and cooperating with a diverse group, students are encouraged to be open-minded, caring and compassionate towards others. Students will learn key skills such as reading maps, photography, time management, communicating in a foreign country, safety awareness and compassion.

Our trips are provided by Camps International who have worked with us on our previous Week Without Walls trips. Camps International is an award-winning social enterprise  and we are proud to be partnered with them to provide this opportunity for our students.