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Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai

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The right school for you.

Embark on an exciting journey together with us.
Janecke Arnaes, Director

When you step into Universal American School, you will be welcomed by a diverse and inclusive community of caring and curious individuals. From the positive energy in our learning spaces to the wonders of inquisitive discovery sought through critical thinking and agency, you will find that our students are inspired to challenge themselves within a rich academic, artistic and athletic educational program based on American and International Baccalaureate (IB) standards. Our provision embraces best educational practice with benchmarks tailored to meet the aspirations of our international and Emirati student population.

In our vast and well-equipped Dubai Festival City campus, and since Universal American School first opened its doors in 2005, our inspiring faculty and staff have always empowered students to become independent, creative and responsible global citizens. As one of very few American international schools in Dubai, we are proud to celebrate our 15th year of learning, and we are confident that we are well placed to face new days in new ways (#NewDaysNewWays). As this year was officially announced by the UAE government as ‘2020: Towards the next 50’, we at UAS have one foot set into the future and one rooted firmly in our core legacy. We believe that learning happens anywhere, any time and we harness the experiences that we draw from months of successful distance learning coupled with new technologies, to ensure that we provide scope to construct and curate flexible and adaptive learning opportunities both in school and through the cloud.

The power of our internationally-minded, experiential learning environment is enhanced by connecting and valuing the different contributions, skills and talents of all our community connections. An ambition for 2020, is to further provision in Arabic as a language of dialog and thought.

We aim for our students to lead happy and healthy lives and to thrive in the forward thinking, collaborative and engaging community for learning that we offer. At UAS, we look to the stars and see opportunities.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to visit us and embark on an exciting journey together with us.


Janecke Aarnaes Director