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Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai

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An important symbol of our UAS.

At UAS, everything we do is designed to support student learning. This includes the UAS school uniform.

Our uniform is also an important symbol of the school

Therefore, clothes or accessories that distract the focus on learning, are culturally insensitive, or unsafe can not be permitted.  We are proud of our students and we want them to be proud of their school. For this reason, we provide a uniform that has a variety of options so that students can present themselves modestly and comfortably.  This, we hope, helps our students come to school ready to learn. The reason we ask students to wear uniforms on school excursions is that it helps identify our students. This is useful for both safety and for allowing the wider community to identify UAS students as the helpful, culturally sensitive, global citizens that they are.

The UAS student uniform consists of:

  • Navy blue trousers or full length skirts (elementary students may also wear UAS shorts)

  • A white shirt or navy blue sweatshirt with the UAS logo.  T-shirts worn under the school shirt must be plain white.

  • The physical education uniform consists of blue UAS shorts and a white shirt.  For elementary students, the P.E. uniform may be worn all day on the days on which students attend physical education.

  • Shoes should be good quality for recess play (e.g. not sandals).

  • All uniforms are school issued and need to be purchased from the school uniform shop.

Spirit Day Uniform

Periodically for school spirit, UAS will hold a “free-dress” or “dress down” day.   Dress guidelines for this day will be specified for all students.

The school will regularly designate specific Thursdays as SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY.  These days a more casual uniform day. Students will be encouraged to wear the UAS Athletic/Activities designed shirts or Hoodies or UAS Booster Club T-Shirts which will be sold as a fundraiser to support our student athletes.  More relaxed UAS logo sweatpants are also available for purchase and are allowed to be worn on Thursdays only.