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Here to lend a helping hand and ear, when our community needs it most.

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ES Counseling

The UAS Elementary Counselors work to provide a positive, uplifting environment, where all feel cared for. We support students within the three domains of School Counseling: Academic, Social/Emotional and Behavioral. We support students’ academic achievement by providing them with skills for learning. We teach them how to learn. Social/Emotional development in Elementary is paramount to ensure students’ success throughout their school years. Students receive small group counseling, individual counseling and classroom guidance lessons from the Second Step Program (continues in Middle School), which addresses emotion management and problem solving skills. Students use their problem solving skills as a member of the Student Voice. Behavioral support is provided for students in order to maximize their learning while at school, as self-regulation is a skill we all should learn. We strive to educate students about themselves, the world around them and respectful global citizenship.

MS Counseling

The UAS Middle School Counseling team advocates on behalf of all students to ensure their care and support in becoming the best version of themselves.  We incorporate and develop multiple Personal and Social Enrichment programs in the form of our Second Step Advisory curriculum, Student Government, Student Voice, and the Student Ambassador programs. Further, the Middle School counseling team strives to bring care, fun, and balance into the lives of our students. In doing so, we hope to provide our students with tools to continue their healthy development to becoming caring, open-minded, respectful and responsible individuals.

HS Counseling

Academic and mental health counselors have the responsibility to promote well-being and positive mental development of all students.  The goal of the department is to better understand the needs of individual students, and to create a positive and collaborative relationship with with them so s/he feels comfortable accessing the resources and support in the school counseling office.

The department supports the needs of all UAS students and families by collaborating with teachers, staff, parents, and community. We welcome your emails, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations. In short, the counseling department works as a team to help your student be successful!

HS – College Counseling

The UAS College Counselors help students assess and align their skills, interests and strengths to their college and career aspirations, aiming to reach their highest potential. The role of the counselors is to support and educate both students and families about the numerous aspects of the process and about the complex and ever-changing college admissions landscape.

Starting in Grade 10, students are advised with information about standardized testing, university research and how find the best college “fit” that matches their particular strengths and abilities. All Grade 11 and 12 students meet with the college counselors individually to review their post-secondary plans. The College Counselors are trained to assist students through the admissions and application process for a range of colleges and university programs in different countries. Various events are hosted throughout the year to support students and families through the process (e.g. College Information nights, Parent Coffee Mornings). UAS graduates are enrolling in top 100 universities every year.

BridgeU: College and Career Readiness Tool

BridgeU is a sophisticated platform that enables schools to support students in making well-informed decisions about their post-secondary goals. The UAS College Counselors use BridgeU to organise college applications, to submit transcripts and recommendation letters on the students’ behalf, and to closely monitor the students’ progress throughout the application process. Students use BridgeU to research programs of study and career fields, to draft and compile the contents of their college applications, and to request letters of recommendation. As the higher education and early career landscape evolves at a rapid pace, BridgeU consistently improves and develops the platform to stay ahead of current trends, and to adapt to the evolving needs of our students. Building a truly global workforce demands an increasingly borderless world. BridgeU enables students to explore post-secondary options across the world and provides an international careers database to help guide decision-making.

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University and College Representative
UAS welcomes over a hundred different university and college representatives. Visits are  normally hosted during the high school lunch period (1:00-2:00pm). If you are a university representative, please contact Carolina Barajas, Director of College Counseling, at