Universal American School's greatest asset is its faculty and staff. We strive to prepare each child for academic and personal success in higher education and life in a global society

UAS considers all applications for employment independent of their race, color, and  national and ethnic background and consistent with the school’s Mission, Philosophy, and Beliefs. UAS seeks teachers who are passionate about teaching, have the appropriate credentials (B.A. minimum, advanced degree preferred), and ideally will have 3 or more years of experience including teaching in international schools.

Teachers with experience are required or highly desirable for certain assignments at elementary level (PYP) and at the high school level (IBDP). Above all, we seek colleagues who are effective and helpful co-workers ready to commit fully to the expectations and values of UAS, including involvement in after-school activities and in school community service events.  


UAS is truly a community of learners. Professional development is an integral component to ensuring the highest quality teaching and learning. Teachers regularly attend off-site opportunities for professional learning, however, the school values professional learning that is embedded in the daily life of our teachers.                                                                    

Important Notice for Candidates: Be Aware of Potential Recruiting Scams

Please note that some teachers seeking overseas employment have been approached by various individuals or groups running scams and requesting money. 

These individuals/groups claim to be a reputable school (or assume the identity of an existing, reputable school) and ask teachers and/or administrators seeking overseas employment to send them money to assist in the payment of a work visa, interview or application fees, plane tickets, or other recruitment related costs.  Please know that no legitimate school will ask any teacher or administrator to pay them to obtain a job and/or work visa.   If you have been asked by an international school to send money to cover such costs, you are probably the target of an elaborate scam.  Be aware that these fraudulent activities seem to becoming more frequent.  Do not send money or pass on banking information to any school seeking professionals to come work with them. 

Update! UAS is currently the target for one of these scams. This website is UAS's only site for job applications.  Any other site which claims to advertise jobs at UAS must be considered to be a fake. The police have been informed. 

All international candidates are urged to be diligent in investigating potential schools during the recruiting process and prior to signing a contract. Use extreme caution if you have been asked for money or private information.

Current Openings

Universal American School is looking to add dynamic and experienced personnel to the faculty & staff.

Please consult our list of vacancies regularly for current and anticipated openings.

Please send your application to : employment@uasdubai.ae


IT Support Specialist

Click here for job description

Teaching Faculty

The following teaching positions are currently open for High School:

- High School Math Teacher

- High School Islamic Studies Teacher

Administrative Assistants

We are not currently soliciting applications for any positions in Administration. 

Substitute Teachers

We are not currently soliciting applications for Substitute Teachers

Support Staff

We are not currently soliciting applications for Support Staff positions.

Teacher Assistants

After School Care Providers

Click here for job description

Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Life in the UAE is safe and provides a range of cultural and recreational experiences. Dubai is a modern metropolis providing excellent transport (Taxi and Metro), a range of shopping opportunities, and many ways to explore the city in both its modern and traditional aspects. Beaches are near and safe on both sides of the UAE, and the mountains also provide unusual excursion opportunities. Stores of all descriptions cover EVERYTHING, including superb book stores. Restaurants abound and offer a wide range of international foods at all price ranges..

2018 Recruiting Conferences:

Representatives of the Universal American School will be attending the following recruiting fairs:
  1. University of Northern Iowa—Waterloo
  2. Queens University—Kingston
  3. Search Associates—Cambridge
  4. International Schools Services—New York
  5. Search Associates- San Francisco
  6. Search Associates- Dubai, UAE
  • Universal American School
  • P.O. Box 79133, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 4 232 5222
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