Experiential Learning

The purpose of experiential learning programs at UAS is to provide life-changing learning experiences.  Students apply life skills, independence and responsibility to extend their curricular knowledge beyond the classroom.  Experiential learning opportunities empower students to take meaningful action, serve others, and become responsible global citizens.

Week Without Walls

UAS offers education outside the classroom to foster fully developed individuals – The program objectives and learning goals are consistent for each and target the areas of Life Skills, Service, Personal Growth, Cultural Understanding and Curriculum Enrichment.

Students who were part of our Service and Leadership trips, since 2009, have developed significantly; they are, by one parent’s admission, ‘better people’ and ‘simply more aware, in every sense of the word.'

This academic year will see our experiential trips for Middle & High School held on two separate weeks.

 Middle School: February 4 - 8, 2018

High School: February 18 - 22, 2018

All students in grades 6 to 11 are expected to participate in either an International or Local activity.

Please see the details on the right for the trips offered to each grade level. 

For more information and to register for a WWW trip, please visit our dedicated website:

UAS Week Without Walls 2017/18

Click here to view the WWW 2018 magazine.




Week Without Walls 2017-18


Grade 6: Sri Lanka

Grade 7: Nepal

Grade 8: Kenya

Grade 9: Borneo

Grade 10: Cambodia

Grade 11: Tanzania

Grade 9-11: Laos

Grade 9-11: Nepal

Grade 9-11: Spain


Grade 6: High Seas Adventure Camp

Grade 7: Extreme Environments Camp

Grade 8: Survival Camp

Local Day Activities

Learn, Cook, Share

Mangrove Care



PADI Dive License

Game Development

Musical Theatre

Global Leadership

Intensive Photography

UAE - Culinary Exploration

UAE - Today & Tomorrow

Job Shadow Program

Marine Conservation


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