Student Council

The purpose of the UAS Student Council is to promote school pride, teamwork and leadership skills, and to develop fully realized links with both the local and global community.

Elementary Student Council

Commitment, enthusiasm, cooperation, and independence are PYP attitudes that most adequately describe the members of the Elementary Student Council. They are the leaders elected by their classmates.

In the elementary student council we discuss issues that are relevant to the school community and come up with solutions for these issues. The goal of the Student Council is to encourage students to take action on issues that they feel are important. These issues include recycling, fund raising, and awareness campaigns of global issues. The classroom leaders of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Secondary Student Council

The Secondary Student Council provides a voice for the students of Universal American School.  Council members organize and participate in school activities and facilitate communication between the student body and the school administration. Students require a means through which to communicate effectively with the entire UAS community. The students also organize activities which cultivates a sense of community. Members can actively support local and international agencies and projects that foster community outreach. The Student Council also has a responsibility to actively carry out the ideologies of an IB school.

Department Contacts

           Jennifer Starling
Elementary Student Council Coordinator

             Jerome Devie
Secondary Student Council Coordinator


  • Universal American School
  • P.O. Box 79133, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 4 232 5222
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