Middle School

Grades 6-8

The UAS Middle School was developed based on the ideas of the framework of beliefs from the Association for Middle Level Education entitled; ‘This We Believe’.

At UAS, we believe that Middle School is an incredibly special time in a child’s development.  Children are transitioning between childhood and adolescence and are changing not only physically but also morally, psychologically and social emotionally.  Research tells us that the adolescent brain is undergoing rapid changes and therefore we must redesign learning in order to harness the incredible potential of adolescents.  We must encourage them to act on their ideas, pursue high levels of scholarship and become more fully realized as people and learners.   

We have adopted from the framework a list of Essential Attributes:

Learning for young adolescents must be:

-Developmentally Responsive, using the nature of young adolescents as the foundation on which all decisions are made.

-Challenging, recognizing that every student can learn and everyone is held to high expectations.

-Empowering, providing all students with the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their lives

-Equitable, advocating for every student’s right to learn and providing challenging and relevant learning opportunities. 

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