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Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai

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Knowledge and Human Development Authority: educational quality assurance and regulatory authority.

UAS receives ‘Very Good’ rating in the last KHDA inspection

The Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) inspects UAS annually to ensure the highest educational standards are being followed.

The KHDA is a regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai and is responsible for the growth, direction, and quality of private education and learning in Dubai. Following a rigorous inspection process, the KHDA provides a written report to the school noting areas of strength and areas needing improvement.  These reports also provide a general rating of the performance of the educational programs at the school and the quality of education.  We are proud that UAS received a “very good” rating that highlights our strengths as follows:

  • The director’s and principals’ vision and drive for an inclusive, vibrant and successful school, and the unstinting support they receive from governors and parents

  • Students’ outstanding personal development and its positive impact on their academic achievements

  • Students’ enthusiastic engagement with the school, local and global communities and their innovative and substantial contribution to them

  • The attention given to developing students’ reading in English and to their social, emotional, and physical wellbeing


Click here to view the latest KHDA report