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Scholarship Applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year are now open.

The Al Futtaim Education Foundation offers a generous scholarship scheme to support our parent community. The scholarships are made available on an annual basis and cover a percentage of the tuition fees up to a maximum of 100% for Emirati scholarships and up to 50% of the tuition fees for academic and talent scholarships. We have 3 categories of scholarships: Emirati students (academic excellence): We will award up to 100% scholarships in this category. Talent and Sports: We will award up to 50% discount. IBDP Academic Excellence: We will award up to 50% discount.

  1. Awards for Academic Scholarships are valid for two years (Grade 11 and Grade 12). It is expected that awardees maintain a level of attendance, academic performance, and behavioral standards in line with the Schools’ and AFEF’s expectations. Any concerns over the attendance, academic level or behavior of an awardee shall be communicated with the family concerned in order to ensure compliance with Award terms at all times.
  2. Awards for Emirati Student Scholarships are valid for the duration that the student is enrolled at UAS/DIS subject to their maintaining appropriate levels of academic performance, attendance, and behavior.
  3. Awards for Sports and Talent Scholarship are valid for the duration that the student is enrolled at UAS/DIS subject to their maintaining appropriate levels of academic performance, attendance, and behavior, and to representing UAS/DIS at local, regional, and international events, when applicable. A portfolio of evidence is required to be submitted annually and received before the end of May.

Emirati Scholarships requiring a CAT4 test will be contacted, and testing will be arranged through Admissions. The application deadline  for 2024/2025 has been extended to the 30th of may. Applications can be made via the form on the school website. Only applications made through the website will be accepted. Terms and conditions to be applied 

Meet our past scholarship recipients 

Ayesha, IB1 IBDP Academic Scholarship student at UAS:

“My journey has had many ups and downs, but every assignment, formative, summative has impacted me and I am so grateful I am receiving recognition for my efforts put into my education. I have even more motivation to push my limits and perform that much better in my studies now that I have received this scholarship. I feel honored to be alongside so many other talented students. Knowing that just very specific people can be a part of the Al Futtaim Education Foundation Scholars makes me feel so much gratitude towards everyone who has helped me get here such as my teachers and family. I am so thankful I get to be a part of such an intelligent and extraordinary community.”


Samhita, IB1 IBDP Academic Scholarship student at UAS:

“Al Futtaim offers many opportunities for their students to excel. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had because I study at UAS, for example being able to apply for scholarships or do internships with Al Futtaim. This scholarship is both an incentive and proof for me and my studies. It’s an incentive for me to continue to work hard to keep my scholarship, and it proves how my hard work pays off. I applied for this scholarship because I wanted to challenge myself. Applying gave me a goal, another reason, to keep up my grades throughout the year. And if I didn’t get in, I didn’t see it as a loss but rather I made it a goal again to apply next year because I would’ve tried my best in school either way (if I got it or didn’t). I never quite needed reasons to study or work hard but having goals keeps me more organized and focused on the specifics of what I want to achieve.”


Yasseen, Grade 11 Talent Scholarship student at UAS:

“I joined UAS in Grade 9, and I am a professional theatre/film artist outside of school. I aspire to major in Media Studies and minor in Theatre studies. When I found out I had been awarded a scholarship, I was so grateful. The scholarship helped my parents financially, but it also showed me how proud I should be of myself. This scholarship has kept me motivated me to never give up on my passion. I started acting when I was 10 and auditioned for a Disney program. That was my first audition, and my parents knew I had something inside of me – talent! From there, I traveled to the United States to perform 10 showcases. From those showcases, I received 10 call-backs and won an award for Best Play in Short+Sweet, directed a cast of 30, and much more. It feels amazing that my art ‘theatre’ is respected and acknowledged through Al Futtaim Education Foundation. I look forward to what I come up with next!”


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