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Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai

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School Visitor Procedures


In order to ensure the safety of our students and to limit disruption, Universal American School will implement the following visitor’s policy in alignment with all measures and guidelines stated by the government regulators:

All visitors to the school are to enter via the main entrance at Gate 1 and sign in at the main reception. 

Visitors attending school functions that are open to the public, such as parent-teacher meetings or school events or sports activities, are not required to sign in but will be directed to the event venue. 

  1. All visitors must wear their name badge or the visitor’s adhesive sticker, issued by security, when they are inside the school. 
  2. Visitors, except those with an approved exemption from the Dubai Health Authority, must wear face masks at all times when on the school campus. 
  3. Hand sanitizer is provided at entrances and visitors are requested to use this as they enter.
  4. Student registration and enrolment should take place online, where possible, with school tours operating by appointment and booked in advance, in line with the KHDA COVID19 protocols. Please book an appointment via our website – here.  Any unauthorized person on school property will be challenged by staff and will be asked to leave the school campus by security.
  5. All visitors are expected to exercise good conduct whilst on school property and any additional rules or regulations imposed by the local authorities in Dubai.  

Any person showing flu-like symptoms while on school premises will be escorted to the isolation room in the school clinic and the procedures to handle suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases according to the Dubai Health Authority guidelines will be followed.   

For more information or clarifications, you can contact the school directly.