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Al Futtaim Education Foundation.

Run on a not-for-profit basis and seeking to ensure that lifelong learning becomes a way of life.

The Foundation

The Al Futtaim Educational Foundation (AFEF) is an initiative started by the Al Futtaim family to support the Government’s and KHDA’s vision for the creation of a globally competitive knowledge economy while maximizing their social contribution to the community through this “not for profit” endeavor.

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Vision and Mission

The vision of AFEF is to create excellence; to prepare our students for university and to give them the skills to successfully embrace global citizenship and future opportunities in the UAE and beyond.

The personal growth, academic recognition, and success of our students is at the heart of the Al Futtaim Education Foundation.

In providing an educational experience which is holistic, academically challenging and adapted to meet the needs of all our students, we seek to sow the seeds of their onward success and academic achievements which will open doors to a lifetime of happiness and continued success.

Activities and Plans

  • Own and provide operational oversight for the two schools that are located in Dubai Festival City, namely
    • Deira International School and
    • Universal American International School
  • Own and manage future educational projects, as opportunities arise.
  • Partner with other like-minded education institutions and thought leaders.
  • Provide grants, scholarships and subsidies to help deserving students, both Emirati and Expat and generally improve the educational standards in the UAE.
  • Raise the level of Arabic and local cultural awareness of the UAE.
  • Support UAE students to enhance their employability in the private sector.
  • Invest in new curricula and invest in new ways to deliver them.
  • Invest in innovation in education.


  • Arabic Language Center that will
    • Facilitate Research into the Arabic language
    • Work with Publishers for improving reading material in schools
    • Offer Professional development programs for the Arabic teaching community in UAE
  • Scholarships to encourage excellence in both our schools
  • Use the unmatched width of businesses in the AFG group to allow our students to get a mentored and well managed opportunity for Experiential learning through internships
  • Dramatically improve the standard of Arabic Instruction in both our schools by employing the best teachers.


Board of Directors AFEF

Chairman: Mr. Omar Al Futtaim

Mr. Fadi Hammadeh

Mr. Edward Quinlan

Ms Mira Al Futtaim


Dr. Farah Sarraj


Secretary to the Board: Mr. Chandy Jacob


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