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Experiential Learning

Designed to provide students with industry work experience.

At Universal American School, we’re dedicated to providing our students with a diverse range of learning opportunities that are tailored to their unique needs and interests. To help our students take charge of their own education and pursue their passions, we’ve developed an innovative co-curricular program called the Experiential Learning Program.

This year we are taking the program to another level by building a Personalized Training Program (PTP) that will be customized according to different industry sectors and businesses divisions. Each student will go through his/her own experience according to the sector and division they choose. To apply for the program, students will be asked to fill in an online application, attach their CVs and go through an interview. After that, the applications will be screened and applicants will be selected. There will also be weekly checkups during the internship period. We have, in addition, developed impact measures according to each PTP that require input from both the students and mentors.

The Al Futtaim Education Foundation Experiential Learning program offers students an unparalleled opportunity to gain real-world experiences in a variety of industries outside the traditional classroom setting. By exploring potential career paths and making valuable connections in their fields of interest, students are empowered to make informed decisions about their future educational and professional endeavors. The program also helps students assess their strengths and learn new skills.

Open to students in grades 10 and above during summer, term vacations and, potentially, during term time, the Experiential Learning Program is made possible through leveraging our connections with Al Futtaim Group. Through this, students have access to internships in a variety of industries, including automotive, financial services, real estate, retail, and legal services. Students also have the opportunity to work in various functions such as marketing, HR, and legal.

The summer internships are particularly noteworthy, with students working 40 hours a week, simulating a full performance management cycle, and following a personalized training program

according to every vacancy. To ensure a seamless experience, we provide students with a support group consisting of school, L&D, and HR-business key personnel to answer any questions and provide guidance. We also offer readiness engagement sessions prior to the program and post-program reinforcement learning sharing activities.

Below are some testimonials from students who have completed internships through our Experiential Learning Program:

Sarah Ahmed: ” “My internship at Al-Futtaim Automotive was an unforgettable experience. As a marketing intern, I gained valuable insights into the significance of brand management and the creation of effective campaigns that resonate with consumers. Working alongside industry professionals and applying what I had learned in the classroom was truly invaluable.”

Jasmin Lee: ” “During my internship with Al-Futtaim Real Estate, I gained practical experience in property management, customer service, and leasing. The program offered me the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals in the industry and establish valuable connections that will benefit my future career.”

Ahmed Abdelkader: During my internship with Al-Futtaim Financial Services, I had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry and the various roles within it. As I worked on real projects, I acquired invaluable skills that will undoubtedly benefit me in my future career. This program allowed me to further solidify my interest in pursuing a degree in finance, and I am excited to apply the knowledge and experience I gained to my future endeavors in the field.

These testimonials are a testament to the value of our Experiential Learning Program and the opportunities it provides for students to gain real-world experience in their chosen career fields.

We’re proud to offer these summer internships as part of our commitment to providing our students with personalized learning opportunities that prepare them for the future. By working

with industry leaders and offering hands-on experience, we’re helping our students take charge of their own education and gain the confidence they need to pursue their passions with conviction.