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Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai

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Striving for broad participation and competitive excellence.

We strive for broad participation and competitive excellence; encouraging the highest levels of sportsmanship and fair play.


Our UAS athletics program seeks to provide opportunities for student-athletes to develop skills in leadership and teamwork within an environment of fair play, mutual respect, and fun. We strive to develop programs that are safe and lead our student-athletes to value commitment, to work for academic success, and to learn about health and wellness. UAS is a member of the Emirates Athletic Conference (EAC) as well as the Near East Schools Activities Conference (NESAC).

Jr Scorpions
Here at UAS we are proud to offer our Junior Scorpions program for Grades 4 through 6. Our Junior Scorpions participate locally in the Junior Emirates Athletics Conference (JEAC).

JEAC offers students in grades 4-6 an opportunity to have fun, participate in and learn the fundamental skills of soccer, track and field, and basketball. The focus of JEAC is to reinforce the value of sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and self-discipline through healthy and fair competition.  This programs is all-inclusive to students of all skill levels.

Middle School Scorpions
The emphasis of athletics at the MS level is on cultivating student interest, skill development, and proper technique of the particular sport more so than winning. It is vital for participants to have fun and enjoy their experience in order to encourage future participation in the Junior Varsity and Varsity programs. Playing time will be emphasized to expose the participants to game situations which will further develop skills and knowledge of the sport.

Junior Varsity
At the JV level the majority of student-athletes will have already had prior playing experience and should understand the commitment associated with being a member of a team.  The focus of this level is to improve individual skills and to start introducing advanced team concepts that will get players ready for the Varsity level. No longer will the emphasis be on every player getting equal playing time.  Individual roles that contribute to the team as whole will begin to be defined . At this level we want to ensure that every student-athlete contributes to the goals of the team and establishes a winning attitude.

This is the highest level of High School interscholastic athletics.  By this time the student-athletes should have been exposed to their sport for many years and should understand the commitment and dedication necessary to play at UAS.  Winning is the focus at this level, as long is it within the ethical concepts of competition. The most important factor for a student-athlete to be successful at this level is for them to understand their role on the team.

Outside support offerings
UAS is lucky enough to work closely with some outside providers, in the Dubai area, to support some of our athletic programs.  We receive professional development for our coaches as well as coaching support during practices to help develop skills and team concepts for students in our Junior Scorpion programs.  Our coaches and student-athletes have benefited greatly from this model.

Contacts and social media:
Robert Calandra, Athletics Director –
Instagram: @uasathletics
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