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Developing community and unity spirit

UAS school uniforms

All uniforms can be ordered online at www.shopatsumeru.com and will be delivered by courier* The uniforms are also available to purchase in J3 Mall in Umm Suqeim.

Our new uniform brochure can be found here.

The new UAS uniform sets consist of:

  • Polos – made from 100% organic cotton
  • Chinos / trousers / shorts / skirts – made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex. This fabric provides better fit and comfort.
  • PE tops – made from dry-fit material.
  • PE bottoms – made from lightweight 4-way stretch fabric.
  • Fleece – made from polyester/cotton – extra soft and provides comfort and longevity.

Accompanying the uniform, students must wear appropriate single colored (white, black, or beige) covered footwear. Sandals are not permitted, no flip-flops, slides, high heels, or shoes/boots above the ankle will be allowed.

UAS Seniors have always had the privilege of wearing their senior jackets with a plain white or black shirt underneath. Understanding the importance of the tradition our senior jacket represents, the school administration has decided to continue to grant this privilege to Grade 12 students, as well as the privilege of choosing whether to wear khaki or navy-colored pants. If a Senior student is not wearing the senior jacket, the school uniform polo shirt must be worn.

UAS has always embraced school uniforms as a way of developing unity and a community spirit for our students. “Belonging” is one of our key values, and school uniforms are a great way to achieve this. However, not all school uniforms are created equal, and this is why we have selected a new supplier for our new uniforms. We wanted the best quality available, and we wanted to support a local company as well.

There are many reasons why we believe school uniforms are important:

  1. Fewer distractions and better focus on education

Having to think about what to wear each day of the week can be stressful for both students and parents. With uniforms, students don’t need to worry about having to wear certain brands or “trendy” styles. This helps students focus on what matters the most, their education, instead of worrying about not having the latest clothing brand or trend. We want our students to feel confident, and our uniforms help to build both confidence and a sense of belonging. Smart uniforms lead to happier and more focused classrooms.

  1. Reduced peer pressure and risk of bullying

School uniforms counteract bullying and minimize the risk of students being teased for expressing their personal styles via clothing. A study by YouGov has shown that 7 out of 10 children believe wearing a school uniform helps them to ‘fit in’.

  1. A happy school community

We believe that uniforms contribute to a happy school community where students can focus on learning instead of worrying about not “fitting in”. Uniforms have a stabilizing influence on both the social as well as the learning environment in our classrooms.

  1. Character-building from within

When children wear uniforms, they learn to express their personality and character differently – without letting brands or clothing choices define who they are. Uniforms remove the focus on materialism and fashion trends, and in this way, they contribute to a much healthier way of building character and developing personalities.

  1. A sense of professionalism

Wearing a uniform to school means you learn to “dress for the job” at an early age. At UAS, we focus on holistic and experiential learning, and we believe that uniforms help students develop a sense of professionalism and be prepared for dress codes in the real world.

  1. Easier routines at home

Uniforms eliminate the need to coordinate different outfits for every day of the week. The new mix-and-match styles make it super easy to choose what to wear without endless discussions every morning.

  1. Reduced clothing expenses

When children wear their own clothes to school, it means constant expenses to keep up with the latest fashion brand trends, due to peer pressure. School uniforms help plan your clothing budget better since you already know the expenses for each of your children. The new uniforms can last more than just one school year, so this also helps reduce your expenses.

SUMERU as our partner

Our school uniforms are supplied by SUMERU, a local company that has operated in the UAE for 25 years and produces uniforms for many premium American and British Curriculum schools. We chose to outsource to SUMERU since they are market leaders and experts in their field, and we know that everything regarding orders and trying on the uniforms will be handled professionally and in line with all necessary precautions.

We have chosen SUMERU as our supplier so that orders and purchases can be completed online via their website. This makes it much easier for you to order and buy the uniforms you need and have them delivered straight to your doorstep by courier. You can also access SUMERU’s “Dial A Trial” service from the website, in case you are not sure about sizing and fit. All in all, this will make the process much easier for you – from the comfort of your home.

The quality we are getting through SUMERU is unsurpassed. SUMERU’s uniforms are made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is a pure, natural, and soft material that is sustainably grown without the use of GMO or synthetic chemicals, such as fertilizers and synthetic pesticides.

The quality of the uniforms is much better because of the organic cotton fabric, which has proven to be more durable. Higher quality means you will get more wear out of each uniform piece, compared to the old uniforms.

The new fabric feels softer against the skin and is also doing a better job at wicking away moisture and ventilating cool air. Organic cotton is safe to use for sensitive skin, and it is also a better material for children with allergies.

Organic cotton farming requires less energy to produce, so it lowers the negative impact on the environment. It also helps farmers get fair prices for their products.

*Additional courier charge