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Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai

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What is the role of the UAS Board

The UAS Board is dedicateddto ensuring that Universal American School is well run by the leadership team and that sustainable outcomes are delivered and maintained.

All governing boards of private school have four core functions:

  • Setting strategic direction within the context of a clearly-state vision and ethos
  • Holding the senior leadership team accountable for the achievement of strategy and running of the school
  • Overseeing the overall educational performance of the school and suggesting ways for improvement
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school, in the case of UAS, as a not-for profit school

UAS Board Members

Chairman: Mr. Fadi Hammadeh
Mr. Edward Quinlan
Ms. Mira Al Futtaim
Dr. Farah Sarraj
Mr. Kevin Loft (Director)
Ms. Kerry Ross (Safeguarding and Child Protection)
Mr. Chandy Jacob (Secretary to AFEF Board)