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Female Icons - Student Art at IMAGINE Show

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Elementary School, Middle School and High School students from UAS participated in an art competition recognizing women who inspire them. Students from Grade 1-Grade 12 were invited to participate as part of Art/Visual Arts classes as well as Media & Design. The project lasted a week, and the art activities were also included in Elementary School lessons. 
The selection team received more than 300 artwork submissions from all the students who could choose freely between traditional materials like paint, tonal pencils, oil pastels, colored pencils, and markers – or digital posters, photograph manipulations and digital drawings. The skills for the project were taught both in Art and Media classes before and during the artwork production week.
We were very proud to see the students’ engagement as well as the quality of work submitted in such a short time – from both male and female students. 
We would like to thank the team behind the IMAGINE show at Dubai Festival City who made it possible for the school to showcase the students’ artistic creations.