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School Meals.

Healthy and nutritious for mind, body and soul.

Good nutrition and learning go hand in hand.

Eating a nutritious balanced diet with appropriate physical activity has profound effects on children’s health and learning abilities. UAS in partnership with Abela and Co. is committed to providing high-quality nutritious snacks and lunches to our community on a daily basis.

Students grades PreK-Grade 12 may go to the cafeteria and purchase a variety of healthy snacks and set meals that include a main course, side of grilled vegetables, or salad and fruit. Students are offered a variety of freshly prepared grilled meat and poultry dishes, fish, rice, and pasta. 

Direct Link to the Abela & Co Online Payment Platform:

The parent/guardian must register using the same email address registered in the school’s system.

There are two options to view the Weekly Meal menu:

1. Click link: Weekly Menu

2. Click on “View Weekly Packed Meal menu” after logging on to the Abela & Co Online Payment Platform

At UAS we emphasize on the importance of eating healthy nutritious snacks and meals. Please do not pack any unhealthy foods. We strongly discourage chocolates, chocolate cakes and cookies, chips, donuts, flavored milk, and juices with added sugar in snack/lunch boxes. Fizzy drinks are not allowed.

Eat Right, Be Bright

UAS is a “NUT FREE SCHOOL”. We have many students with nut allergies that may be severe and even life-threatening. To keep our students safe please be reminded not to send any nut products including granola bars, peanut butter, and Nutella for snack, lunch, or to any class event (including parties, field trips, etc.).