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Creative Arts.

The  creativity within the visual arts department at Universal American School knows no bounds from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Our program is designed to nurture artistic talents and foster personal growth, aligning with New York standards. In the Visual Arts Department at Universal American School, we believe that every student has the potential to be a true artist. We are committed to nurturing their creativity, fostering personal growth, and preparing them for a bright future in the world of visual arts. Join us on this artistic adventure, and let your creativity soar! 

Our aim is for students to deepen their appreciation for the visual arts, express ideas, and create the connection to the real world around them. Armed with a strong foundation, they will confidently pursue their artistic dreams, excel in high school and the IB program, whilst making a meaningful impact on their learning and their wider community.


From Kindergarten to 5th Grade (K-5), our primary focus in these formative years is on the PYP (Primary Years Program) aspect. We believe in encouraging young artists to explore their creativity, express themselves, and develop a deep appreciation for art. Through various hands-on activities and projects, students learn to embrace their unique artistic voices while also meeting New York standards that emphasize personal growth.


Within middle and high school grades 6 through 12, our curriculum shifts towards skill development and theoretical knowledge. We empower students with the tools and techniques needed to master their craft, building a strong foundation in the visual arts. Our program aligns with New York standards that challenge students to think critically and develop their artistic abilities further.

For students aspiring to take their art to an international level, our grade 6-12 program seamlessly connects with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) for visual arts provides students with a unique opportunity to delve deeper into their artistic journey while meeting the rigorous standards set by the IB DP. Our dedicated faculty guides and mentors students through this transformative experience.